First Workbench

I was now ready to start building projects for Steve Ramsey’s course. He calls it the BMW (basic mobile workbench).

I was really excited about this project, since it was my first “official” course project and I greatly needed a good workbench. The mobile aspect would allow me to wheel out the bench to my driveway. This was needed since I still was mostly using my garage for storage and I did not want to get sawdust on everything. Additionally, I learned it was not good for my lungs to be breathing in the dust.

The workbench is composed of mostly 2×4 construction lumber with a double 3/4 plywood top. It’s extremely study and can take a bit of a beating. The shelves are great for storage or temporary tool holders. The wide sides allow for clamping. The locking casters give the bench mobility, but also stability when desired.

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