Garden Trellis

By June of 2019, I was trying to improve my basic woodworking skills. I signed up for Steve Ramsey’s online course, the Weekend Woodworker.

Between Steve’s lessons, You-Tube, and the many books I was reading, I felt like my basic skills were beginning to take shape.

Since it was June, my garden was beginning to occupy most of my free time. My wife and I had discussed adding trellises to the side of the house. I had dreamed of Wisteria and Hops growing along our south-wide windows. Additionally, I wanted a nice northern-side planter/trellis to grow ivy and provide some additional privacy for the block-window of our bathroom.

I bought some 1×6 planks and began ripping them down into about 3/4 strips. I combined these with 2×2 cedar posts and glued and screwed it all together to make some garden trellises for the south wall.

I quickly realized that I needed way more trellis than I had anticipated. But after a couple more days of work, I managed to get all the pieces I needed together. I painted the trellis a bright white and hung them on the house using pocket screws.

I then added the additional sections, attaching them to a heavy 4×4 post to hold the whole thing together.

For the northside trellis, I had to build a planter box since the soil was so poor on that narrow side of the house.

Overall, these simple trellises work great and they are a happy addition to the garden.

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