New Release: (Combat and lighting!)

It’s finally here, the next installment of the Fief saga.

This version has all the fancy new lighting features and realistic combat mechanics.  I know the focus of this next release was supposed to be improving the availability of food.  In that respect, I failed miserably.  However, I really like the new features that were incorporated here.  I’ve been slowly working on adding more behind-the-scenes world processing, and this will factor into the eventual goal of getting some good AI.  Once these problems are figured out, I’ll continue moving towards getting visitors to the manor (this includes huntable creatures).  This should improve the food situation for survival play while also allowing me to work towards the fief-management portion of gameplay.


As a teaser, here are some of the types of visitors I plan to add in the future:

Visitor What they offer/do
Animals Food!
Traveler Gossip
Sage Teach skills
Merchant Trade goods
Refugee Can join village
Pilgrim Sermons
Researcher Trade research (for unimplemented research system)
Desperate Farmer Trade son/daughter for marriage
Bandit Steals by force
Thief Steals by stealth
Invader Seeks to conquer
Noble Seeks comforts (won't come until you can adequately host them)
Knight Protects your land/people at request of your lord
Tax Collector Collects your lord's dues

Also, here’s a fully armored hero!


Here you can see the implemented armor and lighting sources. Bob is wearing the latest fashion in hide armor and sporting an oiled torch in his off hand. Also you can see the new condition bars on item renderings.

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  1. Thanks keep on working on this can’t wait for the refugees to get in

  2. I can’t run the game. If I try to open it in browser it only gives me:
    Folder Listing
    C:/Users/**/Fief/Fief_v4.1.350/Fief.jar/ – on Opera
    and on Chrome and IE it promts me to save the file (Fief.jar) on local disk. If I try to open with Java(TM) Platform SE Binary it opens a black screen that closes immediately after. I am using Windows 7.

    • Sorry you’re having troubles with Fief. The game is *not *a browser game, it runs on a desktop platform. Therefore you cannot run it through a

      You need to unzip the downloaded folder, Then try to run the
      Fief.jar located in the Fief_0.4.1.350 folder. The reason the black screen
      might be appearing is because it was missing its data folder. The data
      folder needs to be adjacent to the Fief.jar (in the same folder).

      Please email me if you have any more problems and I’ll be happy to help.

      P.S. If you had left a real email address I could have got back to you directly. 🙂

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