Combat, Take 2

Combat is almost finished.  I’ve been running a number of simulations with my archnemesis… Human.   I never gave him a decent name.  But everything seems to be working well and I hope to put out a new release shortly.  In the meantime, here’s a little teaser screenshot:


Here's the defense screen. You must choose a defensive position. Since I can only dodge (there is only bread and water in Bob's hands). My objective is to choose a position away from the attack. If I were Parrying or Blocking, I'd want to choose the position of the attack. The red squares indicate my level of intuition about the attack, dangerous zones are highlighted. Due to Bob's decent Dodge skills, I know the attack is coming from the Midline and Low and will avoid that area. Dodge right!

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  1. Sir, you have my uttermost respect for approaching such comprehensive complexity working in order, I find your project most interesting and appealing. I have always been fond of games like Crusader Kings, Capitalism, The Guild, Banished, Cities XL, SimCity. Each of them excel in one or more parts, yet they all lack in complexity. This is the most challenging creation of working simulation not only containing most important aspects of all of them, but having potential to create new genre for all of those gamers that seek progress for years having no luck finding any. Implementing manorial system, feudalism, economy, agriculture, historically accurate prepositions, customization and being in favour of creating realistic working simulations of world systems with completed doctoral studies in related subject are the best bias for being successful. Long ago, I thought it was impossible to make a game of these proportions alone, creator of Banished has convinced me otherwise.

    With your areas of expertise, Fief really starts to amaze me, I wish you all the best fulfilling your ideas and will watch closely development progress. I am well aware of sacrifices needed to complete working game system of this size, with your dedication and current state, I see well balanced choice already. Good luck and do not be reluctant to ask for public funding if needed, the game seeks to be very individual based, there is growing market hole in this field. From my point of view, demand also originates from higher earning subjects managing complex systems on daily basis.

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