þe Olde Bandsaw Box

I finally got a new tight-cutting bandsaw blade (1/4″ 14 TPI raker blade). The 1/8″ blade I had previously had trouble staying on the saw. After popping off a few times I gave up on it. Now that I have a new blade, I really wanted to try some sharper… – READ MORE –

Song: Be As One

Be As One [2022]  (Rock) This song is about taking the disjointed feelings and impulses and conjoining them onto one positive path. Even though I often feel productive, I don’t always feel relevant or like I’m making a positive impact on others.This recording is pretty simple, laying out a smooth… – READ MORE –

Garage Octagon Window

My garage workshop has been fantastic. It’s great to have a separate building to go into and do some woodworking, away from the screens and other distractions of the house. However, there is one flaw in the garage shop, there is no natural light. Sure, during the summer I can… – READ MORE –

Backyard Pergola

Five ago, my wife and I had talked about putting a pergola upon on our back patio. Mostly because that western sun-set can be quite brutal in the summer. Especially since we often sit out there for dinner just as the sun is setting back there. A pergola would give… – READ MORE –

Summer Garden 2022

It’s been a bit dry out there and the garden is starting to show it. But some of the summer flowers seem to be doing just fine, despite the dry air and little rain. The garden beds in the middle of the backyard seem to suffer the most. I’m beginning… – READ MORE –

Spring Garden 2022

It’s spring-time! The tulips are popping up and I’m quite excited. I planted over one-hundred tulip bulbs last fall and was quite eager for them to pop up and bring a splash of color to our springtime garden. We also added a patio to our front-yard and I created a… – READ MORE –

Front-yard Patio

The eastern sunrise climbs over the houses across the street and beams upon our the front of our house. The living things to enjoy this are the ugly bushes and giant bed of weeds under our front windows. I had always planned on redoing that garden bed and this spring… – READ MORE –

Record-Console Refinishing

Some time ago, my wife had pulled an old record-console from the alley. It was completely wobbly and falling apart, and the finish was a bright obnoxious orange color. We tolerated it for quite some time as it some-what matched our bright-orange suite-case style record player. However, we have since… – READ MORE –

Song: After You’ve Gone

After You’ve Gone [2022]  (Jazz) [Written by Turner Layton and Henry Creamer, 1918]I feel like a little more jazz in my life. A few years ago I went down to New Orleans with friends and had a blast listening to that great New Orleans jazz sound. This song is the… – READ MORE –