The End of Fief

I have some sad news today for Fief fans. I’ve decided to officially call an end to the project. I’ve been pouring my spare time into this project for the better part of eight years. In that time, I’ve learned a great deal about programming and game design. Combined with...


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It's a sad day with new beginnings: New Post: The End of Fief…

Bogged down with non-Fief work, so not much progress. Might be some code at the end of the tunnel...

More updating of the engine this week to deal with all activity in active world locations.

The day-job has been eating into my Fief-time lately. However, the shift to world-map exploration continues.

Some work on combat UI's this week. Have a research conference in Copenhagen this week too; 9-hour flights tend to aid development.

Still working on world map exploration and fleshing out new combat UI's.

This week the mapping system is getting an overhaul in preparation for world map exploration.

Check out the first few chapters of a new fantasy novel: Chains of Vengeance:

Action Mode is nearly complete. The camera follows nearby creatures during their action phase, making combat very turn-based and tactical.

Overhauled the event system today. Now there is are two time modes, Action (for tactical combat) and Peaceful (for just enjoying the world).

Been working on shadows this week. Check it out:

Added support for tile transitions on the main screen, these will be optional to help those with low-end machines.

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Forgot to mention, last week we added a resource distribution system. So ores are being populated along with some new resource clusters.

We now have context actions in the game. Press a button, click a tile, and a menu of options are available.

We'd like to welcome the new lead artist, Ryan, to the Fief team. She is working on giving the UI some creative magic.

We'd like to welcome one new artist, Dino, to the Fief team. He is working on new sprites for the plants.

We have had a number of artists interested in joining the team, Fief may be getting a make-over.

The website should be back after a nasty attack. Although the 87,000 hits is kind of nice :)

Spent the week in Eindhoven for the new gig. Added better templates for construction modules. Thank goodness for 8 hr plane rides :)

Another widget finished... next!

Added a new action bar to show progress on the current action.

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Here's a sneak peak of the almanac widget in action, watch time fly by from noon until early night.

Sneak peak of the new almanac widget in progress...

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Adding construction placing via ghost-tiles. The building process is quite a bit fancier :)

Work has been slow lately due to the real job. I'm doing some brainstorming on the tech tree/research system and worked on a couple UI's.

Now we have a construction browser for replacing the old construction menu:

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Just returned from vacation. Will get back to the action this week.