Song: Blues in My Shoes

Blues in My Shoes [2021]  (Blues)This song I wrote years ago. I had been working on a lot of pop and rock songs and wanted to get back to my blues roots. This song is a celebration of those blues that got me into music.In this recording I’m playing live… – READ MORE –

Song: Black Coffee

Black Coffee [2021]  (Jazz / Blues) This song was just a spontaneous creation while playing around on the piano. It was nice to play some jazz after all the pop and rock songs I’ve been working on. Its about the monotony of the pandemic, stuck in quiet routines, forgetting yourself,… – READ MORE –

Garden Harvest: 2021

We had quite the bounty this year. The new tomato trellis on the front yard worked phenomenally. Despite the drought that Minnesota was experiencing, my garden was thriving. I think it helped that the new garden is on the eastern side of the house. So, it receives excellent morning and… – READ MORE –

Song: Dream Machine

Dream Machine [2021]  (Rock) This song was written for my wife, who always is pushing herself on endurance runs. She is continuous source of inspiration for me, a true dream machine. This song is about pushing yourself to reach your goal.In this song I experimented more with virtual guitars, trying… – READ MORE –

Hardwood Bookshelf

I currently have a massive bookshelf in my room. It is from IKEA and it is grossly overloaded. The particleboard structure is buckling and the makeshift plywood back only serves as a stop-gap measure from the entire piece from falling apart, and scattering my collection of reference books. I knew… – READ MORE –

Song: Sweet Street

Sweet Street [2021]  (Funk Rock)This song is just a fun summer jam. I had discovered a funky piano lick as I was trying to see what my thumb could do following recovery from a router accident.In this recording I’m playing with some funk chords and combining those with a dynamic… – READ MORE –

Song: Winter’s Glow

Winter’s Glow [2021]  (Pop Rock)This song is about trying to find that spark of hope in the shadows. This song came about while playing with my new DAW. After many years of recording with Pro Tools, I switched to Studio One. I really enjoy the streamlined workflow. In this recording… – READ MORE –

Shop-made Jigs

Massive Cross-cut Sled I’ve been working on my large bookshelf and I needed a method to get clean, 90-degree cuts on large, wide boards. I had first tried trimming off the ends with a hand-held router. But ran into some issues, one of which included cutting into the side of… – READ MORE –